Mother of 4 fights for her life!
Eeva, Erki and their children in July 2019 at Eeva's brother's wedding

Eeva is fighting cancer. She has a malicious form of a brain tumour called glioblastoma and she need help! Here is her story… 

Eeva is a beautiful woman, 45 years of age, a mother and a wife living in Estonia. She had dedicated her life raising 4 wonderful children with her husband Erki. They were grateful that life had turned out like they had dreamt for when getting married 16 years ago. Their youngest child had turned 7, the oldest 15 and kids in the middle were 10 and 12 years old. All the kids were doing great at school and Erki’s little business was doing well enough to support the family. 

Until in June 2019 Eeva’s world was turned upside down. Nothing prepared her, her husband and their four children to what was to come. 

Eeva was taken to the hospital with temporary confusion and memory loss. A small tumour was discovered in her brain. Only in a month’s time the tumour exploded in size and Eeva was taken to an emergency brain surgery. While doctors did an amazing job removing most of the tumour, the diagnosis was devastating - glioblastoma, a malignant and aggressive brain tumour, which traditional radiation-therapy cannot cure. Doctors can only offer doing a surgery a few more times. 

Eeva and Erki decided not to give up and fight for her life! After extensive research and consulting with different doctors, they found a treatment center in Los Angeles, US that has a high success rate using medical cannabis in treating this deadly form of cancer. This treatment is not yet available in Estonia nor anywhere in Europe, so in October 2019 Eeva and Erki decided to make a trip to Los Angeles, to have legal access to medical cannabis. They planned to stay for 3 months to get a proper course of treatment but unfortunately, after only a short period Eeva’s condition deteriorated in high speed and they had to return to Estonia for additional medical examinations.  

Eeva is gathering strength from her family before the first operation

Throughout all this time Erki kept researching medical literature to find new possibilities to help her wife. He found information about a professor who was healed from glioblastoma 23 years ago. Later also others have used his tactics and gotten great results. Erki understood there are new, not widely used tactics which are not yet officially approved for cancer treatment. They use combinations of different drugs or so-called medicinal cocktails which are drugs that are not meant to cure cancer on their own but when used all together they each give their small contribution to the fight against cancer. 

Unfortunately, this type of treatment is not covered by insurance, thus Eeva and Erki need to find resources for this alternative approach. Family’s savings are running low and will not be enough to cover the necessary half a year and possibly longer treatment and additional costs it involves. Yet, this is the last resort that the family believes can save Eeva’s life.  

It’s Eeva’s biggest wish to live and be there for her children as they grow up. Eeva has such a big heart and she has been the most wonderful mother and a wife! Her children and husband adore her and if you knew her, you would know a warm-hearted beautiful woman with great passion for her family and life in general. 

Eeva and her family need all the help they can get! Every small contribution helps to give Eeva a chance to beat the cancer and be there for her children when they grow up! 

Please help these children to have their mama for more years to come! We truly appreciate every little contribution.

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